MyBloogle’s 1st Give Away


Congratulations to Mark Chemij for being the lucky recipient of MyBloogle’s first give away; a ticket to today’s World Cup Qualifier match between Kuwait’s National Football Team (Al Azraq) & South Korea’s National Football Team.

Hosted by Viva (link), I was give two tickets. Hence, the extra ticket went up for grabs and the winner was decided for the simple fact of being the first reader to inquire about the match.

Mark is a regular reader, and expressed interest in attending the match; little did he know he would be attending blogger-style, in Al Maqsora.

Much like the lucky winner of the Motorola Zoom @ Viva’s Ramadan Ghabka (link) who won simply by producing a 5fils note (a 250KD+ tablet), Mark is the lucky winner of MyBloogle’s first give away.

See you tonight!


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