Nabbed by the Law: Kuwaitis arrested in Egypt

“Man brings home the bacon”. “Me Tarzan, you Jane”. “Me hunt, you Cook”.

Not anymore, with the invention of supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, cafe’s, cafeterias, bistros etc. Man can hang his bow and arrow, as well as guns and ammo.

Apparently, this particular piece of news was not revealed to a Kuwaiti father of two, who took both his sons to Luxor on a hunting expedition with two locals near an animal preservation (where it is illegal to hunt) and proceeded to hunt, kill, butcher and subsequently devour, an endangered species of Gazelle.


Rite of passage? What are we, stuck in the middle ages? I’m guessing he has not heard of Carrefour and Geant. They will cater to all your proteinous needs.
For the article, in arabic, check out Al-Rai.
Next time, stick to your own deserts, hunting “Dubs” (large reptilian creature found in Kuwait, considered a delicacy).

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