Name & Shame Volume II – Illegal Turns

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” Jackson Browne

This rather simple quote has very complex ramifications, for it is in the absence of supervision that the true mettle of a person is shown, sadly enough, the mettle of those below is despicable.

At the intersection between Route 55 (airport road) and road 80 (Jahra road) the following 3 cars were seen taking an illegal U-turn, just to avoid a mere 10M drive to where you are allowed to take a U-turn.

I hope that some day the Police in Kuwait can depend on pictures such as these to fine people such as those. No caution shall be taken to mask their identity, hence their numbers are visible to those that want to look closer.

People have become reckless when it comes to driving, so long as they believe no one is watching, by no one I mean authority. They run red lights with no remorse, drive at break neck speeds in side streets, park wherever they so choose with reckless abandon.

Someone is watching, never forget that.




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