@NBKPage Titanium card no longer covers valet parking

A product that is offered to customers under a certain set of pretenses should seek to inform said customers of any changes to these pretenses.

Credit cards. Money you do not own that you spend in order to supplement your income. The notion of using a credit card was far removed from my business mind during my studies as I knew the risks associated with it – interest, inability to pay off debt, compounding interest, likelihood of theft etc. it was only when I realized that it can be used abroad during travels as a safer way of paying that I finally succumbed to the credit monster.

Plus, the perks! Free access to airport lounges being the top seller.

NBKs card also had the luxury of valet parking at Marina Mall, which I took full advantage of. However, what time you save in finding a parking spot is wasted in waiting for your car to come to you. But that is not the gist of this post.

The problem arose when one fine day of visiting Marina Mall and handing over my car to the valet, I was surprised when collecting it that the credit card no longer offered valet parking. The service had been discontinued, and I was uniformed.

When I called customer service, all they said was, yes, the valet service has been discontinued. Please check our website for any changes.

The bank should offer a weekly newsletter to customers that would inform them of any such changes to their cards.

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