Nerd Advice: Never leave the Cinema before ending credits

Time is money. You pay money to enter the cinema to watch movies. Therefore it is important to get your money’s worth.

The title of this post holds especially true for all superhero movies that are released by Marvel Entertainment.

The Wolverine proves no exception.


*possible spoiler depending on your vision and understanding*


One of my all time favourite pass times is to pay tribute to Marvel, the geniuses that gave us Spiderman and the Avengers, by making it a habit to enlarge their revenues thru watching their movies on the big screen (everything else is relegated to dvdrip download unless really cinema-worthy, Marvel get a pass every time).

My cinematic endeavors all bear similar traits; book ticket online for Monday (after 6pm); always choose Mohalab as I am extremely lazy in that I do not wish to drive to any cinema and endure the hassle of traffic and parking, so instead I prefer to walk 2KM there and 2KM back.

I have a habit of talking to myself out loud during screening, sometimes its more audible than I wish but I’ve never been in a position where it caused me any hassle. Except yesterday. I always go for the seat at the far end of the aisle  so as not to be confused with being part of a raucous crowd of bachelor’s, it would also usually mean I get an empty seat to my side so I can exclaim to my hearts delight. Usually whoever sits next to me chooses to ignore me, this time however the guy seated next to me picked up my giggly exclamation of ‘Holy $*** that’s Jean Gray!’, and they lol’d. I was not expecting that from a guy dressed in traditional Kuwaiti garb at the movies. No sir.

He would keep paying attention to my comments, understanding that I’m a fan of the X-Men universe. Afterward we shook hands and he goes, ‘you really love Jean Gray!’ (Famke Janssen in lingerie, what’s not to like?!) But I was just surprised at seeing a familiar face.

So imagine my utter surprise at the end of the closing credits.

True comic nerd tip, especially for Marvel movies, and even no marvel movies (fast & furious franchise?) Always stick till after the credits. You shan’t be disappointed!

(Although Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four proved exceptions).

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