Never tell the Truth

Would there ever be such an occasion where it is best to not say the truth? Most would argue that the truth will set you free, and that honesty is the best policy.

They would be correct, however, there are circumstances where it is best to not reveal the truth, to gloss over it in order to help someone cope with a certain situation beyond their control.

And in these situations, the hardest part is waiting.

Sitting in a hospital on the first day of Eid waiting for the doctor to give you news, anything, on someone you love and hold dearly to your heart. You pace, you wait, and you SHOULD give hope to all that arrive later to inquire as to the status of their dear ones. You are not supposed to cough up verbatim what the doctor THINKS and doesn’t know for sure.

Now I know that. I learnt that lesson.

A white lie, told at an opportune time, gives people something they most desperately need; hope.

Thankfully, with the grace of God, all is well in the House of N, it had been a rather turbulent holiday, but ever so often, life decides to throw a curve ball your way to test your mettle. And in these situations, we learn a lot, about ourselves first and foremost, and about our friends and family as well.

Adversity introduces a person to themselves.

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