No Good Deed… Goes Unpunished?

Falling victim to your own random act of kindness, is the most embarrassing of all embarrassing incidents.

Our tale begins in the local Wholesale store on the fourth ring road, where a sweet, unsuspecting short old lady beckoned the assistance of a passing, kind hearted stranger to assist her in obtaining an item that was strategically placed in a position most disadvantageous, high over head.

From afar, the stranger must have seemed taller, however, upon closer inspection by the sweet old lady, it was determined that he was in fact, not as vertically gifted as she had hoped.

In an attempt to help this hapless old lady, our hero placed one foot on the lower shelf of the display, and much like Jack climbing the bean stalk, reached higher for the golden egg; a carton of Knor’s salad dressing.

The result?



Just kidding! That did not happen at that particular moment in time, it happened a while later, and is completely unrelated to our story, however for dramatic effect, you were pretty shocked right?

No. What happened was that as our hero reached for the item in question, high over head, just out of arms reach, he unwittingly, and clumsily, struck the shelf below at a precarious angle, which caused its contents to cascade, quite literally, onto my, I mean, the hero’s head, one after another. The projectiles were not light; lemon extract receptacles shaped like bullets.


The incident that followed (with the sugar avalanche) was completely unrelated and served to remind me that worse things can always happen!

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