No Honor in Honor Killings

The dawn of the 21st Century had such promise, with many believing the world’s problems would be solved – from eradicating world hunger to enjoying a peaceful Utopian existence, fueled by understanding and acceptance.

True, some diseases that previously claimed many lives were eradicated, through the help of modern day science, which has advanced in leaps and bounds. However, the one thing that has not changed is the human condition.

Our problem lies not with external factors, but within ourselves as a people.

Honor killings, such as this one (link) still continue to stain world news.

The girl, known only as Anusha, was found to have burns over 60% of her body. Her father Muhammad Zafar told the BBC what happened:

“There was a boy who came by on a motorcycle. She (Anusha) turned to look at him twice. I told her before not to do that, it’s wrong. People talk about us because our older daughter was the same way,” he said.

Her mother Zaheen described the aftermath: “She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way.”

Anusha’s father is reported to have taken his daughter inside, beaten her and then acid was poured over her with the help of his wife. Officials say that the couple did not take their daughter to hospital until the following morning.

The couple say that an older daughter had already disgraced the family and they did not want to be dishonoured again.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 943 women were killed in honor killings last year.

Life is sacred, it is precious, it is a gift. It takes 9 months to create life, and only a fraction of a thought to end it. For all of life’s beauty and splendor, it remains extremely fragile.

What more can be done to tackle this disturbing phenomena?

What is going on with the world?

This is not a matter of accepting a culture’s idealism and respecting their choices, for in crossing the boundary of taking a life based on these principles, they forfeit their right to be given any justifiable reasoning to their actions.

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