No jail space for Kuwait residence violators- temporary relief

The crackdown that commenced a few months ago has been put on temporary hiatus until there is enough jail space freed up to lock up the rest of the violators.


More than 600 people are in jail awaiting deportation to their countries.

In the meantime 1,000 sponsors of domestic workers have been punished for sponsoring workers and allowing them to work for others. They have also been banned from sponsoring more workers.

The authorities have also blacklisted 700 companies for trafficking in residence permits and the owners have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

Glad to see that both sponsor and sponsoree are being punished in this, albeit differently. If there were no traders in residency permits who are locals that establish ficticious paper companies to sponsor foreign workers by selling residency permits to them at high costs (from 800-1, 500KD) to bring them to Kuwait and allowing them to stay on to find actual employment at which point dome refuse to transfer the residency of the worker until they pay a secondary fee. That is the root cause of the residency violators.

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