No Respect for the Handicapped in Kuwait

If there is one thing in this world that I have Zero Tolerance for, it is the nerve of some drivers who have the audacity to park in zones designated for the handicapped.


There is literally NO EXCUSE for this to occur. Regardless of whether or not a handicapped person should choose to venture out on that specific day at that specific time to occupy that specific place, there is no excuse for a person to park their car there.


When did people become so unabashed? Is there no shame, no dignity left with the driving community?

Luckily, the Police have taken note of these law-breakers. It is not a strange site to see a cop car cruising around the parking lot at Souq Sharq, on the look out for such blatant disregard and utter lack of human compassion, issuing citations and even going as far as adding some Orange Bling to the tire, in the form of a shackle.

More needs to be done to educate people that they should respect handicapped spots in Kuwait.

Look past the humor, unfortunately this is what people see whenever they see a handicapped sign

Voice your indifference, should you happen across a perpetrator in such a spot, let them know that it was originally intended is for the handicapped, not the lazy.

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