No Respect for the Kuwaiti Flag

A Flag is a symbol that denotes a Country; it is the banner underwhich all citizens and expats unite out of respect for the Country.

Behold the Kuwaiti Flag.

The colours’ meaning come from a poem by Safie Al-Deen Al-Hali:

  • White are our deeds
  • Black are our battles
  • Green are our lands
  • Red are our swords



It is common practice for schools to hang the Kuwaiti flag over their grounds, in celebration of the country we are in. On Saturdays, back when the weekend was thursday-friday, at line-up for the start of the day, we would salute the Kuwaiti flag, flying overhead, waving in the air, its White, Black, Green, and Red soaring majestically.

I look at what sits atop Kuwait International English School (KIES),

The State of the Kuwaiti Flag atop KIES, its colors faded to a point almost beyond recognition, in 3 pieces, fluttering pitifully, neglected

KIES, who as mentioned in a previous post (here), recently underwent a color transformation in their building from beige to blue, as well as added an extension to their grounds in the form of a football pitch.

To think, with all this expenditure, they would have opted to string a fresh flag atop the pole, instead of the disgraceful? How much would a Kuwaiti Flag cost them? 5KD? 10KD?  How much does it cost to paint an entire school, or to erect a new football pitch?

To see such blatant disregard for the Kuwaiti flag is deplorable.

Take a look at this, just down the street, another school, the Kuwait National English School (KNES) and their respect for the Kuwaiti flag:

A look at another school just down the street, KNES. Notice the Fresh Flags

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