@NSCMe Nasser sports lack proper Security

Security is a sensitive issue for most retail companies as it affects the bottom line in terms of pilferage and unauthorized movement of stock.

Last night whilst augmenting my sports arsenal, I sought out the nearest sports retailer to my house, Nasser Sports (behind Adasani Complex in Hawally) for a sports backpack that locks in the front.

Having found the item I was searching for (and for an amazing price that was further discounted at the cashier) I took my items to the cashier to pay and leave. I had another item I wished to search Adasani complex for, and since the store has an exit straight into the complex, I decided to make my way through it.

I walked through the security check, waved at the security guard, and went about my way.

After I got home, I realized that the zipper for the bag was not working. It was being obstructed by something.



The magnetic tag meant to prevent theft by causing an alarm to sound if it passes through the exits without being removed.

I passed by the retail store again the next day, and walked in through a different entrance, sure enough, the alarm sounded. I produced the receipt along with the tags with the barcode for the item on them and explained to the CSR what had happened.

Given the nature of my job, I will put it simply:

Faulty detection mechanism could lead to pilferage of retail items that could cause financial loss to the company.

Management should ensure that Security equipment at the exits/entrances is properly working and regularly maintained.

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