Nudity & Public Indecency at Souq Mubarakiya

What I saw recently on a trip to Souq Mubarakiya was quite disturbing.

 it was roughly 8pm or so, the dining area near the NBK bank was packed to capacity; the mouth watering aroma of Grills on the charcoal and freshly baked Iranian Bread were heavenly. There was nay a place to drop a pin amidst the throngs of persons out to enjoy a delicious dinner of grilled delights.

Packed to capacity

They had even installed new shades, to protect people from the burning sun during the morning hours.

However, there appeared to be a large crowd of people centered around a display off to the far right of the dining area.


The investigative blogger in me strolled forward into the midst of these fascinated individuals, to derive what was the object of their delight. I was shocked to see the following scene:

Children, parents in tow, watching. Children, running around half naked in the Central Business District of Kuwait, jumping around the fountains, getting bombarded with streams of cold water. Parents oblivious to pneumonia, or public decency, allowing their kids to parade around infront of others, and run around from geyser to geyser, having water drench them from head to toe.

It was disgusting. Parents should know better than to allow their kids to do that, what was worst was that you had some parents stripping their kids down to their under garments, both boys & girls together.

I believe the fountain was meant to be viewed from afar and its beauty and lights admired, much like the similar fountain in Souk Sharq. 

This was definitely not what they had in mind when they first had it made.

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