Of Men and Muscles in Kuwait

What is wrong with the natural look? Fit, trim, proportionate and above all healthy?

Lets start by asking a question; Why do you work out?

A very simple question, that garners some rather complex answers, and a few absurd ones atleast.

Primarily, working out is meant to keep one healthy. Looking attractive may be a background goal, but most importantly working out is meant to keep us HEALTHY, and that could possibly lead to longer lives, god willing. At the very least, being healthy can definitely help prevent plenty of diseases.

his face is the same size as his pecs.

However, Vanity plays a huge role in looking good, which as we said, is a also a goal for most people who work out. Unfortunately, looking good is relative, and as a friend of mine once told me, working out is a vanity game, you can never accept that you have reached the pinnacle of your curvature, as there will always be someone who is bigger, stronger, better. So you keep bulking up, upping the dosage of the “supposed” natural supplements you ingest while you work out.

And when that happens, we take a turn from working out to be healthy, to working out in an unhealthy way.

It is not an uncommon sight in gymnasiums around Kuwait to find people walking around with arms literally the size of their heads, where their muscles are in a constant state of flex due to the hours upon hours they put in every day at the gym.

Much like women are preferred in the “hour-glass” shape, it appears men also have preferred shapes when they work out.

There is a new breed of man, Homo Muscular. Bigger, Rounder, Larger, than Homo Sapien ever intended to be.

Take a look, the circumference of his cranium is dwarfed by the size of his shoulders, biceps

The current trend in all fitness centers and gymnasiums in the State of Kuwait is appalling. Some coaches not only recommend but insist that their charges / customers start “bulking up”. I have pesronally witnessed a trainer assist a person working out by injecting them with a substance. And a couple of trainers have recommended that I start a course of protein shakes and what nots.

This craze is not limited by gender, it does not differentiate between man and woman, maybe in Kuwait it does, but worldwide.

I would be inclined to share some truly horrific pictures of the female body after it had been subjected to weights and protein shakes, however, it is Ramadan, we were all fasting, and to avoid the risk of readers losing their Iftar (in more ways than one), I will only suggest you go to Google and run an image search of female body builders.

Not for the faint of heart.

No comment... No comment

The reality is, nothing beats nature. And also, who exactly are you kidding, giants? It does not take a rocket scientist to tell these MammothMen, these Behemoths, these Gargantuan Titans, are anything but natural. Their size is not a result of simply working out, but a LARGE factor to it is their dependence on supplements.

Much like women can tell amongst themselves (and a few men can too) who has had plastic surgery, the same is excruciatingly apparent with these muscle-bound-hulks. I have yet to find anyone who finds people of the size showcased here as apealling.

The greatest irony of all is, despite spending all this time at the gym, and striving to get their forms to what they perceive to be peak physical condition, what they are achieving is the exact opposite. Supplements, no matter their natural ingredients, if used to bulk up to such unnatural proportions, can only be detrimental to health, if not fatal in itself.

From eHow (link):

little did the director realise when he made the character of Bo Abobo in 1994, that later people would look this way without CGI

Why on earth would anyone want to look like this? Unless they were applying for the role of "Bo Abobo" in a Double Dragons Remake

1) Osteoporosis:


Protein shakes are a protein-rich food. They make blood more acidic. Your body will try to neutralize the acid by pulling calcium from the bones, which can weaken the bone structure and possibly cause breaks and fractures.

2) Kidney Stones:

Large amounts of calcium in the blood due to excessive protein consumption can cause calcium deposits to form, creating what we call kidney stones.

3) Ketosis:

With an unbalanced diet–such as too much protein and not enough carbohydrates–the body can go into a state known as ketosis. This is starvation mode, in which the body breaks down fat into ketones–which it then uses as an alternative to glucose for fuel. Some medical professionals believe that ketosis is a dangerous state that is extremely hard on the liver, and may be potentially life-threatening.

Another problem is proportionality. Guys in the gym in Kuwait are not bulking up all over, they focus on the areas that they can show off the most by buying t-shirts from the kids sections and slipping them over their disproportionate appendages. You will almost certainly finding them all working out on their “Guns” (arms) and “Pecs” (chest), along with shoulders, and back. Legs are always left out, and it is why most of these specimens look comical, like an unbalanced glass.

Some body builders take it a step further, and again, it is not uncommon in Kuwait, to find those who indulge in the use of steroids, cutting their life short, and putting the lives of others at risk. The most famous case of “Roid Rage Murder” would have to be the professional wrestler Chris Benoit, of the WWE, who killed his wife, son, and eventually himself in a fit of roid induced rage.

We have forgotten the true purpose of going to the gym, and until we are reminded of it, we will continue to have people dying in their prime as a result of excessive “natural” supplement intake.

Stay natural.

Nature Knows Best.

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