Once upon a run – a tale of Sustainable Youth

You may have noticed that our blog writing activities had decreased significantly over the past month; the reason being we were involved with a new endeavor – planning our first running event!

You can find out more about the event through our instagram post @sustainableyouthq8, as well as our Facebook page (link).

And now, we even have a promotional video:

As far as first attempts go, we’re quite satisfied with the final product. It is worth mentioning however that the final product that came out was not originally what we had intended, here is what happened along the way:

a. The approval to go ahead with the project came later than expected; a project of this magnitude (140+ runners) requires plenty of planning and follow-up, we were given around 3 weeks to put this thing together.

b. The event is called Sustainable Youth, it is meant to be “how to achieve sustainable youth”, not to empower the youth in Kuwait, not an effort by the youth of Kuwait, but an endeavor to bring sustainable youth to everyone in Kuwait.

The original script of the video called for the character to be walking, reminiscing. All of the sudden, he would see runners coming at him, he is supposed to lean forward as if to fall over, followed by a black screen and the sound of gasps, to signify that he might have been trampled by the runners.

However, the running team, although being requested to appear in two different locations, misunderstood and kept going. We were waiting at the midway point, we would then go to the finishing point to shoot the finale.

Once that happened the original idea was out of the window.

c. We had only one day of shooting, as the running group convenes on a saturday, so we made the most of what we had.

d. The video was being shot in Kuwait and edited abroad, put together, then sent back to Kuwait for review. This was not the first we viewed, we had to work on it again.

The new story is that the old man is telling the world that despite appearing as old, there is still gas left in the tank.

We thank you for your viewing and hope to see you at the event, on February 13th, 8:30AM at the Scientific Center.

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