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“Open Wide” is a phrase none of us like to hear. Speaking from experience, I have never enjoyed visiting the dentist. In my opinion, visiting the dentist is basically like going to a mechanic, he asks you to pop the hood and he finds a dozen or so problems with your engine not including the fault you went to get fixed. I’ve been to the dentist more times than I care to remember, fillings, root canals, crowns, re-root canals and so on, every procedure more painful than the last. Everyone knew my extreme dislike towards dentists as I wasn’t too shy to voice my anger in, sometimes, very offensive terms. So you could imagine the shock to everyone who knew me when I got accepted into Dental School. The first few months I would ask myself “what the hell am I doing here?”, I felt completely out of place. As the years dragged on and I started to dive deeper and deeper into the profession, I found myself loving the subject to the point that I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I enjoy asking patients to tell me what’s wrong with them, and hear the relief in their voice when I say ” well, we’ll be done in an hour” and the joy after we finish and they find themselves free from pain and discomfort. I discovered in myself a need to help people which I was more than willing to fulfill.

Enough about me, the reason I wanted to start this column was because ever so frequently as soon as anyone finds out I’m a dentist they immediately open their mouths and bombard me with questions and ask for advice and treatment options. . I really do enjoy when people come to me asking for dental advice and I’m always more than happy to lend a helping hand in any way I can. So I thought, why not take it to the next level? In this column, I will be answering any questions related to teeth or the oral cavity in general, as well as writing weekly tips and advice on how to keep your teeth clean and healthy to avoid those dreaded visits. Perhaps I can make your visits more enjoyable. Just to be clear I am not psychic and I can’t make a full and accurate diagnosis by what you write to me in a post, I’m not Professor X. But I will however try to give you a basic idea about what might be wrong and what to expect when you do go to the dentist, because trust me, knowing what will happen to you makes the visit much more bearable, and I speak from personal experience.

So without further a-do, i give you “Cavity Search”, your online personal dental guide. From tooth aches to bad breath, to gum inflammations or hypersensitivity, my knowledge is your knowledge, which i will be more than happy to dispense =).

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