Our Concept of Time

Despite wanting to be Kuwait’s Sports Page, I find nothing sporty to reporty (hehe, lame I know) atm, so here I am with something to break the monotony and quiet and inform my dear readers that yes, I am still here.

The current events have just grabbed my attention and I find myself endlessly reading news articles etc.

I’ll have a mindless dribble post later, but right now I have an idea I want to put forth.


What is it?

It is referred to as the fourth dimension. However I am not here to talk physics.

It just came to my attention whilst looking around my desk that there once was a paper I decided to throw away, it never made it to the trash bin unfortunately, and instead rolled off into a forlorn recess of my desk floor, heres a picture:

As you can see, it was not intentional, the paper landed far away.

That paper has been lying there, unattended, unmoved, undisturbed, for over a year now.

I hope this does not reflect badly on the cleaning crew! Or me, I’m not not moving it out of some sense of false-pride or anything, as you can see, pondering the piece of trash has a meditational effect on my psyche.

 I always thought that the longer I wait to have a look at that sheet of paper, the more meaning whatever was written on it or scribbled or printed would have. It could be an order of food I made, a picture I doodled, a report I made an error on and decided to bin. I don’t know. In the end, it could be a blank sheet of paper.

But I have yet to open it, for hopes that later it might carry greater meaning.

How often do we put off doing things because it is not the right time, or so we feel? How frequently do we limit our inspirations under the guise of us not being ready, or not having enough experience etc?

Take me for example, I am currently hoping to finish a professional certification (the CMA), I think that this certification will help me get a better position, better perks etc. Have I tried to apply for jobs without it? No. I have limited myself to thinking that without it, I cannot find something better (not that I am looking if anyone from where I work happens to be reading this!)

I have this bottle of perfume (cologne, whatever) that I bought a long time ago, I absolutely love it. Dolce&Gabana, the original. I remember I got it for 7KD (tester, from Mubarakiya) and as it was very rare at the time to find (in Mubarakiya) I held onto it, to this day, unopened in its box. Awaiting some occasion to use it.

When we put things on lay-away for a long time, we often forget why we enjoyed them in the first place.

I guess the meaning behind this is, do not waste time. There is no opportune moment for something to happen, time is infinite, and everything happens at exactly the time it should. As Gandalf said in Lord of the Rings, “A wizard is neither late nor early, but arrives exactly when need”.

And i’ll end with an original quote:

Time, we never have as Much as we would Like
but we always have More than we Realise

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