Out of Context

The best pictures in life are those taken unaware, I found that out during the Keep Kuwait Clean drive (I have been using that picture as my profile pic here ever since).

As I was sifting through the pictures from the Kuwait Charity Run, I came across this:

That is me as well, balancing three Al-Maraie Orange Juice with Pulp in my hand (and holding another one in my right).

Whats the first thing that pops to mind?

Yes, Greed.

Well, to put it in perspective, the sponsors came up to me and asked if I knew what juice they had, I told them I always, always, always have my fridge stocked with orange juice with pulp and mixed berries, yesterday I just got 4 (2 of each). So the guy, being nice, was like ok I will give you more, and he gave me 3 in addition to the one I was drinking.

As I was walking away with my spoils, I spotted three policemen in the shade asking one of the volunteers to pass them some water (warm), so I went over to them and gave them those 3 juices.

Model behavior yeah?

There, the truth is out 😛

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