Paid a visit by the Pakistan Police

Given the current situation in Pakistan, Police are on high alert, and foreigners bear the brunt.

Unfortunately, I happen to fall within a category of “trouble makers” according to the authorities, given my first name and country of origin, you can imagine, or if you can’t, allow me to paint you a picture:

Get it?

Today at work I was paid a visit by the Police, inquiring as to when I show up to work every day, what I do after office hours, where I stay etc.

In a country where foreigners are not allowed to purchase local SIM cards for fear of use by “terrorists”, this does not seem like overkill.

Security is a crucial issue, and understandably so, however such measures as not allowing foreigners to purchase SIM cards is out-of-place in this day in age of roaming services.

Just FYI.

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