Parents: Are you bullying your own children?

The current Internet trend taking the world by storm is cyber shaming. You must all be familiar with the process; a picture is uploaded of a character holding a paper with a message written on it such as:


Despite the absence of ways to verify the authenticity of pictures such as the one above, especially during a time ripe with Internet glory seeking hounds where similar notes are portrayed along with misbehaving dogs, cats or toddlers; the question remains whether or not the phenomena is justified or excessive.

The inclinations of right and wrong regardless of motive came to me as I was observing how parents interact with their children, attempting to explain rationality and reason to a child is no easy task. The easiest way to get a child to stop knocking items off the table would be to move them away from the table as opposed to attempting to dissuade them from doing so. However, in effect you would be promulgating the notion that due to your superior size you have the right to force them to accept your will, that in itself being the essence of bullying.

This begets the initial question of cyber shaming vs. Cyber bullying;  where do we draw the line?

By asserting authority over the bullying child, you in effect become a bully yourself and turn them into victims. As with the example above, if it were truly merited, would it be an ideal punishment?

It has dawned on me that I have been too long away from my blog where I like to keep a journal of my thoughts. Consider this the first informative post of 2014 with plenty more to come.

Stay tuned.

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