Parents/Teachers- Teach Your Children about Jaywalking!

Dear Parents, Friends of Parents, Neighbors of Parents, Frenemies of Parents, Friends of Expecting Parents, Planning Parents, Teachers, Friends of Teachers, Neighbors of Teachers etc etc,

Hark! The world is a dangerous place to the unprepared!

As you all well know, Kuwait is suffering from an exacerbating traffic problem – the main cause of this is the aforementioned groups (teachers, parents – mainly schools) however, we are not here to point fingers and place blame, we are here for the children.

Most of the time, you find any traffic jam you are 99.98754% likely to find a school in the vicinity (except main roads like 30, 40 etc). Initially I had thought parents should not be parking their cars, taking their kids by the hand to cross the street or walk towards the school. That is until this morning.

Whilst driving to work I took a shortcut that unfortunately turned to a near-dead end due to an unforeseen school causing a backlog of cars. The road was a two-way street, so the side coming towards me was completely gridlocked. My path was clear past the turn where parents went in towards the school. Miraculously I managed to cut through and go towards the main road (distance: 4 or 5 blocks). As I was driving toward the main road, which was also gridlocked, all of the sudden a little girl and what I assume is her brother DARTED in front of me! Mind you, the cars on my left were not moving, but the lane I was in was OPEN AND EMPTY. These little children, who’s heads were barely over the hood of my car, RAN between the parked cars onto the road they BELIEVED to be clear. They did not stop to look, they just ran across.

They were not Asian

They were not Asian

Luckily, I was able to stop in time, they literally made it out between two cars as the front edge of my car pulled forward.

I ask you; what are parents teaching their children nowadays?! At school I remember reading stories about looking both ways before crossing, at home I remember my parents instilling in me that I have to look both ways before crossing, even on a one-way street.

At first I thought, why are kids rushing to get to school? The bell won’t ring now it was 7:20AM, their parents aren’t late for work (technically, yet) so what on earth would possess this mongrels to just dart across the street like that? Then I figured, even if they are late, and even if their parents are late for work, CAUTION IS KEY!

Parents, Teachers, PLEASE teach children the basics of how to cross the street, as it seems common sense is not so common when dealing with pint sized runts.

Rant off.

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