Parking in Kuwait keeps getting Worse

I’l just put it right here

Yes indeed, it is always great to start the day off with a good laugh.

Although in reality, it is no laughing matter.

Parking has become a serious problem in Kuwait. People have become insolent to the point of arrogance where they just park wherever they wish, with little or no regard for anyone else trying to drive properly or park properly.

I could bore you with pictures of actual moronic parking in Kuwait, but that would be pointless. You need only walk the streets to find examples a plenty.

Take yesterday. There was an alley near my building where people park, serviceable by only one entrance/exit. Whilst going to the mosque at 3am I realized there was a car (a beige Mini-Cooper) parked right smack in the middle of the entrance. At first I thought, its ok, it must be habitual seeker of hookah pleasure who will be gone by the time I get back. Came back and they were still there. Left at 8:00am to go to work, still there, forcing me to have to drive inside a building to get out of the alley. Came back at 3pm, still there. Went down again at 8pm, still there! There were no fewer than 20 cars parked inside that alley, and all had to negotiate rough spots in order to get out because of this one person’s complete and utter disregard for everyone else.

Needless to say my inner blogger only kicked in afterwards, as initially, my inner driver wanted to stick (as in with super glue) a very well worded note to their windshield. Now I realize I should have taken a few choice pictures to name and shame this sorry individual.

Please kindly take note that you are not the only one driving or looking for a parking spot in Kuwait, a little bit of class would go a long way.

Ramadan Kareem.

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