Part-time work for Kuwait Expats – Not a Silver Lining?

Moonlighting, the act of working a second shift in order to put more food on the table and make ends meet, has long been a source of confusion in the State of Kuwait.

Although illegal, several expats looking to bolster their income seek secondary employment, at their own risk.

Expats in Kuwait have to be under a “sponsor”, if you are found to be working in a location and not under their sponsorship, several legal issues can arise (most of which could lead to deportation).

The plan now is to allow expats to work two jobs, legally. There will be many kinks to iron out, but the idea is now being floated and discussed as a tool to stave the inflow of foreign workers and attempt to balance the ratio of Citizen: Expat.


Foreigners working in the private sector will be allowed to seek part-time jobs in other companies starting from the beginning of the new year, a government official said.

The new provision will legalize this and may also encourage more foreigners to take up part-time work, thus adding to the labor market without adding to the number of foreigners living in Kuwait.

Source: Kuwait Times (link)

This is a meager silver lining on an ominous cloud for 2015 which carries the following predictions:

The suggested new price of cooking gas cylinders is set to rise over a short period of time from a current KD 0.750 to KD 1.5.

‘Premium’ petrol will increase from 60 fils to 100 fils;

‘Super’ petrol will  rise from 65 fils to 130 fils;

‘Ultra’ petrol will skyrocket from 90 fils to 170 fils per liter.

With school fees rising and rents already at an all time high, the cost of living is unbearable; the balance of payments is impossible – striking a balance between cash inflow and outflow, money in and money out.

Those favored by the increased prices are few, those affected by them are many:

rich get richer

It is time to tighten the already paralyzing belts once more, 2015 will relentlessly pummel our pockets and our savings.

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