“Phub” You, Man!

The English Language, much to its chagrin, is compelled to embrace to its linguistic bosom all the idiocies of future generations, from twerking to tweeting, and everything in between.

twerking it @ellen gorgleripsnort

Now a new portmanteau has risen over the horizon, which perfectly categorizes the negative phenomena of lack of human interaction aka Phubbing, or Phone Snubbing.

The Next Generation Ladies & Gents

The Next Generation Ladies & Gents

This phenomena has caused so much hype that even The prominent Kuwaiti female activist, Shei-kha Intisar Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah has taken up the call-to-arms to combat against it (link).


Since emergence of the smart phones in 2005, people throughout the world have become much more connected, however, some people who depend heavily on these devices have lost face-to-face conversation and communication skills, Sheikha Intisar said in a statement, underlining some motives that have nudged her to launch “Al-Nuwair campaign,” aimed at discouraging smart phone users from snubbing their friends, associates and loved ones.

Her anti-phubbing campaign is demonstrated at Kuwait’s top landmark mall, the Avenues, called “Al-Nuwair campaign,” scheduled to proceed till Dec 28th.

It has reached critical point whereby people have resorted to snubbing calls in favor of messages in order to minimize their interaction with a human via their audio chords even further! Worse, when someone is coming over to visit they announce their presence at your doorstep not by ringing the doorbell, but by sending you a message on Whatsapp!



Stop the phub before the phub stops you from living.

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