Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

This post will be an accumulation of pictures I have taken out and about Kuwait with my crappy-yet-reliable N97 cam, some are good, some are bad; and a few anecdotes I have to share.

First off, congratulations to the KPD (Kuwait Police Department) for doing the following:

Apparently, this jack@$$ thought himself to be too important to park like normal people, and instead opted to park in the spot reserved for the handicapped. Mind you, this was inside the parking lot of Crowne Plaza, so the perp thought it was off-limits to cops. Guess again.

It really irritates me to see such behavior from people, these spots are meant for the disabled, they are not “Prime Spots” for anyone to use, where has common decency gone?

Not too far, as I happily found out one friday morning near the Kuwait towers. The parking lot was packed so I circled to the other side and found ample space. Upon walking to the other side I happened upon a well-to-do, smart looking man with his family in his car, and he had just pulled into the handicap spot. From my position, I noticed he had no markings on his car that there were any handicapped people aboard. I got agitated and swore under my breath at the man. Whether or not he heard me, or saw me scowling at him, or had a sudden change of heart, I do not know. But he did pull out of that spot and drive away. I hope he did so because he knew it was wrong to park there, and not because his family changed their mind and decided they wanted to go elsewhere, or that he left the stove on back home.

Wide Load

Why on earth are pick-up trucks allowed to do this? This is one really Big Ass Truck (B.A.T). I want one person to explain the logic behind it.

Side Mirror Picturesque

Taken from my side-mirror, on the drive home one day. Serene.

Excuse me sir! Please Cover Up! I find your nudity offensive, naive.

They should also put up a sign that you cannot change behind a tower around your waist, as sooner or later your tush will pop out. Also, hairy gorilla guys, please, do something about that. You are proving Darwin right!

Translation Fail

 I work for the Exploive department…

Correction: I work for the ExplosSive Department.

What do you say when you see a father littering, right infront of his son’s eyes?

Kuwait needs, seriously needs, to implement a zero-tolerance on littering policy. WTH? I see cars throwing the strangest junk out of their windows, from pepsi cans to styrofoam meal boxes, to lit cigarettes and confetti!

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