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And we are back in Kuwait ladies and gentlemen after a much PROLONGED delay! Trust that these past few weeks of non activity, or limited activity, have served to replenish the creative juices that flow within the mind of all writers and bloggers, so my untimely break will serve to serve readers with better reads.

And on that point, let us kick off with a short anecdote from the plane ride back to Kuwait yesterday.

There are few things that get under my skin as much as narrow minded people, and that is exactly what I was met with yesterday in a metal tube cruising at high altitudes.

It is a fact of life that we now live in a mutli-cultural world, unless you are some remote goat herder off the coast of god-knows-where, chances are not a day will pass by wherein you are not subjected to a clash of cultures, or a break from traditions.

Now, you have one of two choices, you can either be stubborn and refuse to change, or go with the flow, so long as there is no moral impact in your decision, and that it does not cause harm to others.

So, yesterday on the plane, I found a woman in my seat. At first I was under the impression she had merely gotten her seat mixed, as she was on the other side of the plane (window seat), not mine. She refused to budge. Why you ask?

Simple. There were two guys sitting on the other side. Please note that in this scenario, I was the only person below the age of 40.

Why was this woman against sitting on a plane next to stranger? What, are you under the impression that they might attempt to, heaven forbid, start a conversation with you? Attempt to assault you in PLAIN (pun intended) sight of everyone within a 50CM radius?

If she had asked me politely to take her seat on the other side, I would not have minded, however, I am severely against narrow mindedness, and refuse to be coerced into doing someones bidding. In the end, it turned out that not only was she against sitting next to a stranger, but the man in the seat next to hers was also against sitting next to a stranger of the female gender. Good riddance to both of those mentalities.

The moral of the story is, we live in a multi-cultural world. You cannot force or impose your will on others in all matters, unless you are incredibly, incredibly pious, then you should buy two seats on a plane or any other form of transport to ensure that you do not commit a breach of your heightened moralities.

In short, we are back baby, and ready for another round of investigative bloggerism!

FYI future posts will most likely include references and homages to my significant other, the reason for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere.

Stay tuned!

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