Porsche showndown on the 2nd Ring Road


One of the greatest pleasures in driving along the streets of Kuwait is being in the presence of such fine pieces of machinery and German ingenuity. It is always exciting to be at the forefront of the traffic light, eagerly awaiting the light to turn green, mentally picturing yourself to be at NASCAR, hearing the all to familiar words of ‘Gentlemen start your engines!’ Before roaring off in a tire squealing frenzy.

In my minds eye, I pitted the above two vehicles in a drag race of fastly furious proportion, albeit their complete unawareness of that fact, and lack of adrenaline pumping competition ensued. Next time I will be sure to remember to wave my checkered flag before them!

In the end, the Cayenne was victorious over the Panamerra, mostly due to the entrance of an unforeseen participant, a woman, to the Panamera’s left.

And that is how the drive back home is made more entertaining, so go ahead and let your imagination run WILD. Be young at heart. (Please note the cars pictured above were NOT racing, only in my mind)

Editors Note: according to our automotive expert and friend Dalal, the above are NOT considered Porsche’s, according to her, “if it ain’t a 911, it ain’t a Porsche”. We apologize for the error Dalal!

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