Pre-Race advice: What to do before the half-marathon run in Kuwait this saturday

1- Drink plenty of fluids during the 48 hours before the race. Aim for at least 2 liters of water per day.

good to know, i was gonna go for the usual cup of joe in the morning and be done with it!

2- Eat a meal consisting of complex carbohydrate such as rice (brown is best) or whole wheat pasta and lean meat for your evening meal before the race.

i had planned on having a bowl of oatmeal, will look into getting brown bread and lean meat, lean meat? whats that?

3- Eat your breakfast no later than 2 hours before the race.

4- Do your last run 2 days before the race and keep it short and easy (20-30 minutes max). Save your legs for the day!

so I should stop running the usual 3hrs of cardio at the gym as of wednesday night.

5- Arrive in plenty of time to change into your running kit and be ready for the pre-event warm up with Augusto at 7:30 am.

6- Start the run at a steady pace well within your own capabilities and make use of the aid stations along the way.

7 – Do not wear a new pair of running shoes on the day of the race.

good to know, I had recently bought a new pair of running shoes to be debuted on the day of the race, but I thought about this myself. Good to hear the advice from the experts!

8- Last leg massage 48 hours before the race.

anyone know how to give a leg massage? ^^,

9- Cut down on teas and coffee because it dehydrates you.

but caffeine is soooo good!

10- ENJOY the experience of Kuwait’s 1st half marathon.

You Bet!

KCR team

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