Preaching Hate to Spread Peace?

We stand at a great controversy in the ever difficult act of being human; preaching hate to spread peace.

To the rational, calculating, logical human being, two opposing ideologies cannot be used to further each other; you cannot heat something to make it cold, and you cannot freeze something to make it hot. Science and nature have taught us that.

Then how is it that we, in an effort to be civil, and reach a status of democracy and well-being only ever described in the most fictitious Utopia, can spew vile and hate-filled words towards another, despite the fact that they are tyrants, dictators, murderers etc?

All religious teachings preach peace, and the art of turning the other cheek, of forgiveness. Yet, there are also preachings for an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, does it not?

In general, in every facet of society, in every morsel of conflict, there will definitely be those who agree, and those who oppose. Outsiders looking in can claim to rational and impartial, but to those caught in the middle, there can be no grey, it is only black and white.

The current events happening in Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood Vs. Democracy), Libya (Gaddafi Vs. his people), Bahrain etc. The list is endless.

Lets take the middle example and build upon it. Gaddafi is now a tyrant, he solidified that status the minute he raised his gun upon his own people and mercilessly shot them dead.

Should we follow his same school of thought, sink to his level and have him killed?

Whenever I see this conundrum, I am always reminded of, no, not religion unfortunately, something far simpler than that.


Thats right, a make-believe character with a real set of morals.

Superman is an all powerful, almost omnipotent being, he has many enemies who are much weaker than him, his arch nemesis Lex Luthor is human. Time and time again, Lex Luthor attempts to kill Superman, and time and time again he is defeated.

Would it not be simple for Superman to snap Luthor’s neck like a twig, or refrain from saving him after their battle, or blow his car up as he is in it etc. etc.? The list is endless, but basically, Superman has the ability to rid the world of the evils of his foe.

He does not however. Why?

He chooses to see the good in his enemy, that tiny spark, as infentesimal or as dim as it is, he is assured it exists, and always attempt to ignite it.

I find it unfathomable for people to claim to want peace, and yet spew the most vile of insults and derogations towards another, regardless of what that person has done. I am guilty as charged however, so I am not claiming to be that which I advocate.

I guess however, the saying is true:

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
(If you want Peace Prepare for War)

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