Prelude to the Pakistan Adventure

Pakistan is a land quite misjudged by the world.

Rightfully so may be, due to the current political and religious turmoil that the country is going through, however, there is a side that people rarely talk of nowadays, and that is the beauty within places such as Karachi, where I had been for the past 12 days.

As I write this from terminal 3 in Dubai Airport, anxiously awaiting my return flight to Kuwait in a few hours time, the memories of my trip flash before me as if belonging to someone else.

A few idea’s to tempt readers to check the next few posts detailing my visits to the markets, my haggles with the shop keepers and how I discovered Pakistan to be the #1 shopping destination (you will be informed of all the shops and to visit and tidbits of info that will make your experience much enjoyable should you see past the terror and visit this wondrous place).

Also, read up on how to “cheat the scale” on any flight, as I was so laden with bounty on my return flight, I was instructed not to purchase any more items from the duty-free.

I could not.

Read up later on how I wore not one, not two, but THREE pairs of pants in order to keep the weight down in my luggage (two pairs of jeans and one cargo)!

Yes, all that, and lots more, still to come.

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