Preparations for the RunQ8 10K Marathon

I’ve got the snuffles, my ears pop everytime I swallow, I have a smokers cough even though I do not smoke, and guess what? The RunQ8 10-K marathon is this Saturday!

I love being on the move. As part of my plethora of activities, I jog every week, go to rugby training twice a week, go cycling once a week, and hopefully starting soon will add dance to my weekly activities.

But you need to be healthy for all that! I still push myself to do it anyway, I feel the germs and bacteria want you to laze about, so they can fester, so I say H-to-the-No and as Nike advertising taught us, Just Do It.

Also, for the “commission”, Adidas say “Impossible Is Nothing”!

The RunQ8 marathon takes me back to the days of the Terry Fox run, which I have become disassociated with ever since graduating from Highschool. It was an annual event, 1KD ticket, somewhere near Messilah, roads would be closed and laces would be done up. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, and healthy experience. A great time to meet-and-greet almost everyone you know in Kuwait.

So, this event promises to bear a hint of nostalgia.

Tickets are 5KD, and they are for a good cause, the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) will be raising money to support the efforts of The Community Eye Health Initiative at Kuwait University. You must have seen their stalls asking for your old, unused pairs of glasses as donations to help underprivileged children see.

So, despite my ill-health, I will pop as many pills (lol) as necessary to see this cause come to fruition.

The timing shall be as follows on D-Day:

7:30am: Registration at the grounds of the Scientific Center in Salmiya. (you get a t-shirt, one size, XL :P)

8:30am: Warm-up lead by various trainers from the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute and Al Corniche Club

9:00am: 10K Run/Walk will start on the Gulf Road outside the Scientific Center, will continue to the Al Corniche Club and loop back to the Scientific Center
So, without further adieu, On your mark, get set..
Go 😉

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