Priorities in Life

We are born of this earth, and to this earth we shall return,
So how can earning a dollar be mankind’s greatest concern? – Lord Aymz


The rat race. The 9 to 5. The bread maker. Different names for the same prison many a person find themselves trapped within, no possible means of escape in sight.

Many a time we rationalize to ourselves that it is only temporary, that it will get better, easier. We’ll work longer now in order to work less later. However later turns out to be too late, and the opportunities you once had in your youth are taken away from you as time progresses.

The world has become a market whereby we pay for tomorrow with our today. The tunnel vision we all fall victim to robs us of life’s greatest treasure, the gift that is the present.

We neglect ourselves today for a chance to relax tomorrow, and more often than not our sacrifice is in vain. We compile more and more upon our psyche, a literal burden that lies upon our shoulders dragging us down, making us lethargic.

Take the first step towards recapturing your present. Listen to your inner voice that implores you to relax, to take it easy.

Work is the only continuous thing in the world, it stops for no one. Your relaxing one day will not cause the world to collapse upon itself.



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