Propositioned by a Stranger- Not Your Average Run in Kuwait!

Running is therapeutic, if more people chose to run every now and then when faced with complex conundrums that boggle the mind and deaden the senses, the world would be a much better place.

I have taken up the call to arms of Q8FootSoldiers with the hope of inspiring others to find the motivation and drive to run. However, much to my chagrin, people are unable to motivate themselves and instead require an external motivating factor (an EMF). I tried to play the role of EMF and failed miserably. Timings did not suit people.

To me, running is a pleasure, when it is constricted to guidelines of timetables it becomes a chore, and chores are boring. Yesterday I decided on the spur of the moment to go for a run, no plans, no preparation, just slapped my jogging outfit on and hit the streets running.

A nearby walkway is roughly 1K per turn, I decided to run up and down the track 21 times, in preparation for RAK 2013 and my face-off with my arch-nemesis Joe99.

So I’m on the streets running, completely drained and exhausted at 24.13km, its 11:30pm, the streets are barren, not a single soul was within my vicinity, I’m keeping a lackadaisical pace to prevent further muscle cramps from attacking my calves when all the sudden a van pulls up next to me, slowing down, the driver beckoning towards me as if to request an audience.

I looked around to ensure I was not running by a street light, thereby giving some mixed signal as to the reason behind my being there at such an hour. There were none around me.

I assumed the driver wanted directions (never mind the fact that I was running), however I was mistaken. It turns out he was asking how long had I been running for, I answered almost 3 hours in hopes to deter any further questioning and to let him allow me to complete my run. He surprises me completely by asking if he can join! As I was reeling from that statement, he says get in so we can talk, at which point I informed him i had 1Km left so i gave him honest directions to my house so we could talk.  In all honesty, I was intending to inform him of the Nike Club (meets every sunday and tuesday in Mishref, 6:30~8pm), but he never showed up!

And to top it all off, my GPS phone went haywire refusing to allow me to see the screen. Soon as I got home I pulled out the battery and luckily enough, it saved what distance it had clocked till that time. However, I undershot my intended 25KM run by… 10Meters!!!!!!

Kuwait. Never a dull moment!

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