Prudence in Social Media

The age old adage of think before you speak is in need of an update, in this world where word travels faster than the speed of sound.

It is all too easy to simply hit ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ depending upon which form of social media you are particularly addicted to.

Unfortunately however we live in the age of deception; we are the photoshop generation. Unfortunately it has not only stopped at the tailoring of images. This day, even words are being fabricated to distract the masses, educated or otherwise, feigning them to believe a certain word was said by some one, or tweeted.

Take this following example; given the recent tragic events in Egypt, Vice President and nobel laureate Dr. Mohammed ElBaradei resigned from his post in protest of the events that transpired yesterday. He had publicly stated he was against forceful of eviction of protesters regardless of how non-peaceful they were.

All of the sudden this tweet pops up on the news feed of Facebook:


At first glance it would seem legitimate. The account name is correct,  even the little verified mark is right there.

However, looks can be deceiving.

First red flag is the way its written. Being a follower of a ElBaradei one is aware of how he speaks, and that is not it.

Second, what kind of person takes to twitter, a person with a high position in the government, and speaks as such? Outwardly claiming that the Armed Forces Chief is in cahoots with former president Mubarak?

Last but not least, the official twitter feed of the actual account; notice no activity has taken place in 3 days.



Please think before you share people. It is actually a crime to even retweet a post that is offensive nowadays. With this you merely fuel ignorance and hatred.

We need to start exercising proper judgement in social media.

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