Q8 Foot Soldiers R2R: Ready to Run

In preparation for tomorrows inaugural first run for the Q8 Foot Soldiers, I thought to update my running gear, so I went out and got a pair of Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot from Al-Sirhan in the Avenues (on sale, 14.950KD), these shoes simulate the benefits of running barefoot, which include Strength, Alignment, Stimulation and protection:

The Shoes. In my favorite Colors

Shoes? Check.

Next came a trip to Centerpoint, and a great t-shirt by Kappa with a chest-pocket specifically designed to comfortably nestle an iPod Nano, with a loop in the shoulder to place your earphones in. Perfect, as I had a pair of short ear phones.

Chest Pocket for the iPod Nano

Or so I thought.

I looked high and low, all over my living room, even went all Feng Shui and rearranged the entire decore and still came up empty handed. After weeks of searching, I finally relented and went out and bought myself a new pair, at Best Electronics, whose color matches the new t-shirt.

The Brand New Earphones

So now, I am ready for tomorrow.

Are you?

Q8 Foot Soldiers – Running for a Better Life.


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