Q8 Foot Soldiers Run Report – 2nd Week

I owe two running reports, and here we go.

First off, many thanks to Sahar for being the only soldier to show up with consistency, the rest of the group may as well be called Q8 Foot Sleepers.

Joking, I am well aware that the time is a tad early on a saturday morning, however, winners make time.

So, the first run was without incident. Except for the fact that my legs have been in shambles ever since due to the usage of my new running shoes, which specifically state that you should give your legs time to adjust, and not to attempt long distances in the new shoes from the getgo.

I should have listened, unfortunately I did not.

Upon arriving at the site, I waited shortly for the arrival of the one and only member to show up. We walked twice up and down the path, admired the cardio machines on the side, then left for home.

The second run, today, was my chance to reestablish myself as a distance runner.

However, given the current condition of my legs, I was unable to keep pace for too long. Coupled with a rather embarrassing fall onto my behind as I was doing the old one-two to look behind me and inspect the road for traffic before attempting to cross, apparently one of my feet did not move, and I ended up landing unceremoniously on the sidewalk.

The only thing hurt was my pride.

The path apparently was littered with some sort of pollen that upped my allergy, and I found myself sneezing my head off, with no tissue in sight. Luckily, nature provided, and let us leave it at that.

Again, it was the lone runner who showed up. And we walked up and down the path 2.5times roughly, making a total distance of around 4.25Km.

During the run back home, I ended up walking more than running, albeit covering the same distance I usually do on my weekly routes, the time was exaggerated.

Heres praying for a speedy recovery, for there is nothing more pathetic than a lame jogger trying to jog once more.

Run stats:

Distance: 13.3Km (this total distance is mistaken for the GPS tracker didnt pick up from the getgo, or was reset when I fell)
Duration: 2hr32 (not my best time, by far)
avg speed 5.25km/h (usually im @ 9~10)
max speed 33.4Km
Energy 592Kcal
steps 18,550

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