Q8 Foot Soldiers – The Missing Run Reports

Dedicated to Diva Undecided!

The Q8 Foot Soldiers initiative is slowly, but surely, gaining momentum. Many thanks to the wonderful column prepared by Lisa Conrad in the Friday Times, as well as EEK! Magazine, and of course Grapevine Kuwait!

Lets start with this run, as it was the most eventful in a myriad of ways (here), the day of the fire on the 30.

First of all, we had 2 participants on this run, best turn out ever so far, like I said, slowly but surely, the initiative will grow in numbers, there are plenty of “potentials”, both via email and via the Facebook page.

Now, the first even was that whilst warming up, I saw a girl that looked strangely like one of the participants, her doppelganger, I had to run up to her to “make myself known”, as it is difficult to call out someones name when they have music in their ears. Never the less, running up to her, I was assured, before I attempted to say “hi” that she was not who I thought she was.

Unfortunately, when that friend actually showed up, her doppelganger had mysteriously vanished into thin air.

We then made an unfortunate discovery, the first participant had placed her car keys in her handbag, which she placed in the trunk of her car. Now, before anyone says anything, it gets weirder; as we were walking up and down the path, a strange, friendly woman asked to use one of our phones to call her husband, as she too had locked herself outside her car. What are the odds of that?!

Luckily it was a rental, so a call to the rental company had them show up (at a humane hour ofcourse, as 8am was too early for anyone), which meant we all got to enjoy more walking/ jogging (mostly walking). We ended up doing 9K.

The second run report was with the doppelganger’s look-a-like, near Hard Rock Cafe, and that was a nice jog/walk.

Today we had another meeting at the Hard Rock cafe, only one person showed up, and the stats on the run got twisted for some reason. It was same as above.

So Foot Soldiers and Foot Hopefuls, question is, when will YOU make it out there?

For the duration of the week I will be jogging on a day-on-day-off basis at the pedestrian path in Hawally, near the Sultan Center, behind Qadsiya Sports club on Beirut St. its a 2.24Km road (up and down), very nice area. These will be evening runs, 8pm start. If interested, the Foot Soldiers have my number, or my email (lordaymz@mybloogle.com)

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