Q8 Foot Soldiers

Q8 Foot Soldiers is a brain child of mine, it is an initiative whereby I strive to get people off their butts and onto their feet. The first post (here) describes my vision.

Through Sports Tracker, a free program available for Nokia smart phones, Androids and iPhones, one can track their activity; walking, jogging, cycling etc. and see the total distance they travelled, the calories they burnt, and other useful statistics, all in a very colorful and user-friendly, easy manner.

This is a call to arms, feel free to post links to your sports-tracker page right here, and motivate one another to Get up and Move Around!

7 Responses to Q8 Foot Soldiers

  1. Antonio says:

    Im an european expat in Kuwait and I would like to join people to train for races. I like races, half marathons and marathons but I find difficult to train here in Kuwait.
    Do you know any training group? Does q8soldiers gather for training?


    • Lord Aymz says:

      Foot soldiers please 🙂 lest we be arrested for impersonating military personnel!

      an email has been sent to you my friend.

  2. MP says:

    Hi, I’m interested in running with your group. Please let me know what is required to join and other details like the timings/days etc.


  3. Reji Mohan says:

    I am an expatriate and I reside in Kuwait – I am looking to train for half marathons and marathons.Kindly advice if there is a group like that here in Kuwait?

    • Lord Aymz says:

      there are several running groups in Kuwait – but its mostly for fitness as opposed to marathon/half marathon aspirations.

  4. Ben says:

    Where and when do you meet. I cannot find info on FB page.

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