Q8FootSoldiers Break out the Bhangra in Bombay

Nearing the conclusion of our official visit to Bombay, the oil-rich food started to catch up to me, and my conscience kicked into overdrive, berating me for indulging in the exquisite cuisine available in India.

Work was supposed to continue yesterday, however the company opted out of this, citing they wished to enjoy their well deserved weekend, so for the first time in two weeks, I was given a day to myself, as it happened to be the same of my flight back to Kuwait.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to indulge in a bit of sport, I quickly donned my non-running shoes, waking up at the crack of dawn, much like I did for the duration of my trip, and proceeded to head downstairs and get ready to run.

Everyday on the morning rickshaw ride to work, I would spot a fenced garden in which joggers, yoga practitioners and other sports enthusiasts were indulging in a bit of early morning activity. I went to join them.

Unfortunately, my GPS Sports-Tracker was not picking up, so the distance below is actually missing about 3KM (steps are accurate, distance is not).

In celebration of Q8 Foot Soldiers, and in an effort to make it an international acclaim, I ran in Bombay.

The park there was spell binding (pictures available if you follow the link posted on Twitter or this).

There were old people walking, jogging, stretching. There were people playing badmington without a net, and others on Monkey bars doing all sorts of exercises.

I ran around that park for a while, and once GPS picked up, I felt compelled to take my craft of street running to the busy streets of Bombay, and that I did.

I ran all the way to work, where I had been going to for the previous 12 days, and then ran back to the hotel.

Expect a more picturesque post soon.

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