Q8FootSoldiers Running Event 12.12.12 Success (in pictures)

Yesterday evening, a group of people gathered to commemorate the auspicious date of December 12th, 2012 in their own special way (no ritualistic sacrifices were made, no animals were harmed in the making of this event!)

They were no ordinary group. They were runners, all 16 of them.

Their commemoration of choice? A brisk 12KM jog.

It was 17°C when we started at roughly 8:20PM.

The weather dropped to about 14°C by the time they were done.

It was not about who could run the fastest, or farthest, it was simply a matter of pure enjoyment, with members calling out to the others to keep them motivated and bunched up. Jokes were shared, laughter passed around, marching tunes sung, and the distance of 12KM did not seem that much.

Up ahead in the distance, we saw the blinking lights of our dreaded nemeses… the cyclists, vying for our turf near the beach front.

The group held strong for the first 6KM, at the turn of the parking lot near Burger King Blajat St. they began breaking off into smaller groups, meant to keep the competitive spirit up as they ran side by side back from whence they started.

The brains behind the operation, our resident creative guru Captain @Ccraitza, the Firespell himself, came up with the following idea to add to the nights festivities and give each and everyone a feeling of accomplishment:

Q8FootSoldiers Certificate of Achievement

This run was joined by a similar run that took place in Romania, as well as our own friend doing his 12KM’s in Johannesburg.

As is customary to any event, the photography session took place next, and everyone went their separate way afterward, the memory of the Dozen Dash to be carried with them forever.

To any and all in Kuwait wishing to become more active, to join a group of social runners and better themselves, find us on Facebook (here), join us every Friday morning for a Run/Walk. Runners meet up at Bahar Center, Tunis st. Hawally for an 8am start, walkers/ light runners meet up at Marina Mall fountain at 8:30am, the groups congregate and enjoy a nice paced jog to Ras Salmiya. The runners from Bahar Center return to Bahar Center.

Always remember:

A journey of a thousand miles starts but with one stepLau Tzu

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