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There is no worse feeling in the world than packing your bags, imaging a vacation with loved ones, only to be unceremoniously refused boarding.

Now, the problem is Qatar Airways alone are not to blame, however, their employees thickheadedness, coupled with several other factors, led to this catastrophe.

It all happened when Qatar (the state) released a list of 201 or so designations for GCC residents that would be given visa on arrival. This list includes Sales Manager Sales Representative.

Unfortunately, my title of Sales Supervisor falls in between both. One would think that would be easily understandable. However, no.

So now I miss out on the chance to visit family, lose out on the price of a ticket, and find myself extremely irritated at both Qatar’s Government as well as Qatar Airways.

The designation on your work permit has NOTHING to do with what you actually do; because most times some companies have issues with the sho’oun and use different titles for employees. For example, despite my residency saying Sales Supervisor, I am the farthest from sales that you can imagine – I work as an Internal Auditor (which coincidentally happens to be one of the designations given visa on arrival).

Rest assured, The embassy of Qatar, upon receiving my call, assured me I would be given visa on arrival.

So now we wait, and see, what transpires in terms of refunds and whatnots.

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