Qatar’s Dunes of Destruction

In a follow-up post to the popular Kuwait’s Street’s of Sin (link), the following photographs, in via e-mail, photography courtesy of Ahmed Al Naimi, prove that it is not only on the streets that accidents can claim lives and destroy vehicles, and that it is not only speed but recklessness and boredom that contribute to the death of the youth.

Contrary to what many perceive to be true, vehicles are not as safe as they think, in the wrong hands, they are death traps, ensnaring driver, passengers and innocent bystanders in its deathly embrace.

These pictures were taken in Qatar, as is evident by the apparent license plate, and are a shocking revelation. Accidents happen not only on streets, but in the vast, open Desert as well.

Recklessness, the real villain behind accidents.

The Photography is brilliant, the incident, Tragic..

May this serve as a reminder for joy-riders. Even in the absence of traffic, you are your own worst enemy.

Seemingly innocent joy-riding

The Devestation begins

The car on its side


Upside down

How did the door open?



Sea of Sand floods inside

Sand Storm




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