@Qualitynet_q8 and their Bogus 2015 Renewal Policy

Internet prices in Kuwait for 2015 are a disgrace, none more so than QualityNet.

248am posted the summary of Internet packages this year at infoconnect (link) as summarized in this table below:


As you can see, rates have risen exorbitantly.

However, the above table fails to capture the RENEWAL fees, which are completely different – the prices above are for NEW customers, renewing your subscription costs substantially less; however you are still getting ripped off.

Take Fasttelco for example; last year I upgraded my package with them to 4Mbps at a cost of – 34KD. In fact, prices were the same from 2Mbps – 4Mbps, so it was a no brainer to get the fastest speed. How much does it cost to renew this year? 66KD.

Now I can hear what you are thinking, why are Qualitynet the WORST ISP in Kuwait?

Two reasons:

1) Their renewal offers are ABYSMAL – I have Fasttelco at my parents place and Qualitynet at my own; I joined their fold in June of last year. To get the same speed I have at my parents place, which cost me 66KD to renew, would cost 94KD with Qualitynet (to renew at a higher speed), as I currently have 1.5Mbps at my place.

2) In what is most definitely the worst offence, renewing during infoconnect at any other ISP does not affect your expiration date; i.e. your internet year is from June 2014 to June 2015, you go to renew during Infoconnect in February 2015, when is your new expiration date?

With Fasttelco it remains June 2016, what’s more you get a free month as a result of a scratch and win coupon.

Qualitynet? Your new expiration date becomes Feb 2016, meaning you lost 5 months of internet because you renewed your subscription during Infoconnect.

For shame Qualitynet.

What makes matters even more comical is their slogan, “Because you deserve better!”

I will definitely try to break away from Qualitynet this year because of this.

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