@Qualitynet_Q8 Terrible Customer Service & Infoconnect offers

Last month during infoconnect, Qualitynet struck out on two fronts – having terrible offers as well as terrible customer service.

During Infoconnect, when all ISP’s supposedly offer their services at discounted rates, Q-Net failed by doing the following:

a) Having exorbitant renewal fees much above their competitors despite offering the same exact level of service (others win at customer service).

b) Cutting short subscriptions should people choose to take advantage of the purported, alleged “sale” that was being had, i.e. if your subscription ended in June and you chose to renew in February, you would lose out on your original subscription from Feb-Jun (3 months).

This lead me to write up a post on their shoddy offers.


Lo and behold, they responded via twitter (during infoconnect) with the message below:

Hoping to bury the hatchet, I provided them with my mobile number via DM as requested believing something good will come out of their social media customer service.

To this day I have yet to receive a call from them.

I will be vigilantly scanning the papers awaiting any offer that comes along from any other ISP that actually cares about its image with its customers to have the common decency to follow up with grievances.

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