Quitting is a Lifestyle – Thoughts of a Runner

Health they say, is a lifestyle, not a choice. It is permanent, not temporary.

Earlier this week I had decided to go on a brisk run after days of procrastination, opting this time to set aside my minimalist running shoes (barefoot simulation) in favor of my “regular” running shoes (these ones here). The weather was terribly dusty, however the calling within was loud, now was the time to run.

Enter now the psyche of what goes on in the mind of a runner during a run.

ouch, this really hurts, omg, how much longer do I have to keep doing this?

(checks GPS phone ….)

Its only been 2K! Woe is me!

Ok, I’m going to slow down a bit…

Ok, I am going to start walking instead of running, the pain is unbearable.

Ok, I’ll just finish 4K and go home…

I am stopping now.




Wow, 14K!

The idea of quitting mid-run is a proclamation of surrender and defeat. It occurred to me several times, at the 3K point especially I was ready to throw in the white towel. Our bodies will naturally tell us to stop exerting any form of excessive effort, resistance is key. It is up to our determination to scream out “Resistance is FUTILE“.

Running is a state of mind, not a form of exercise. It is therapeutic, calming, zen-like.

Of course, as @AlNAK1B, running enthusiast and coach with @KuwaitIRC – Kuwait’s latest group running activity that focuses on enhancing its member’s stamina, endurance and love for the art of running, it is not a matter of quitting, rather listening to your body. Slow down, if the pain persists, stop. If it is a simple matter of muscles re-adapting to being used (as was my case returning to cushioned shoes vs minimalist), then the best advice would be to suck it up.

And just like health is not a choice, it is a lifestyle, quitting is the same.

So slap them trainers on, get out there (when the sun goes down) and run like its a lifestyle, not a chore.

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