Rabbits & Rubble – Mubarakiya’s Furry Critters

I came across a most peculiar sight in Kuwait City’s Souq Mubarakiya; an ancient, dilapidated building (hopefullly soon to be renovated and refurbished as a Heritage Site), with a giant Kuwaiti Flag emblazoned on its front, and, what at first appeared to be a giant white cat, which later turned out to be… A RABBIT! A GIANT WHITE RABBIT IN KUWAIT CITY!

Many a curious eye were turned to these strange new inhabitants of Kuwait’s down-town area.





Roger Rabbit is back!


Another shot of the Buck-toothed Bandit


Harmony in the Animal Kingdom between the Lagomorph Family & The Feline Family, as Roger's Black Brother plays with a cat. What this picture does not show is how Blacky ran up behind Ginger and jumped up to his head-level, scaring Ginger senseless and making him bolt. It was hilarious! Wish I'd been clairvoyant to take a vid

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