Ramadan in Review

This post was MEANT to be posted during the last days of Ramadan; no time like the present!



Alas, all that is good must come to an end, and here we are at the gates of the final 10 days of Ramadan, as the Arabic saying goes, the last 10 days are عتق من النار or our salvation from eternal damnation.

How has this Ramadan passed?

For starters, one feels much lighter. Every year we lecture ourselves about how we shall not over indulge in iftar, ghabka or suhoor, and every year we find ourselves panting away like a walrus flipped on its back unable to set itself right. From a religious standpoint, overindulgence in food is in itself a sin, which during Ramadan should be forsaken, as it sets the tone for the coming battles in our every day lives. In addition, this year I managed to add a minimum of 4K runs on a daily basis to compensate for the lack of Q8FootSoldier activity (i.e. 22KM on a Friday morning), which also helped to keep the gut in check.

Lesson one: know your limits.

Secondly, much time was spent in the mosque, at the preferred spot in the first row behind the Imam. I found out that the secret to getting that spot is to leave the house 10 minutes prior to the A’than, which makes a world of difference, giving one more time to read the Quran as an added bonus.

Lesson two: always think ahead, and get an early start.

Third; as much as possible I held my tongue when angered. As much as possible I said, I am no saint. Yet we become aware of how we exercise self control in our most basic of emotions, anger, when we attempt to hold it at bay.

Lesson three: think before you speak.

Fourth; regardless the amount of time we spent asleep, work is work. Whether you attend all of the Tara’weeh prayers, and pray Fajr in the mosque, come time for work you find yourself energized out of a passion that swells within at absorbing a new found job and testing the limits of your potential.

Lesson four: العمل عبادة i.e. work is also a form of devotion to God.

Four important lessons that will continue to be carried through the days and serve as guiding compasses for the future.

What lessons did you take away?

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