Reactions from Genoa – Italy UEFA 2012

Walking out of the hotel in Genoa, it was easy to find where the match would be watched by thousands around the area. Everyone was walking in one direction, some sporting jersey’s in favor of their favorite player, others with more artistic depictions of their love for Italy, from face paint to hair dyes, everywhere you looked you saw red, white and green.

The convergence point was near the Marina, where a huge screen was being used to broadcast the match live to the thousands of eager Azzuri supporters.

Here are the pictures, the reactions to all that happened.

Let it be known that Italians are very honest, as I had purchased water during half-time from the vendor behind me, only to receive no change, thinking it to be an engrossed price I made no hassle, however after the match was over and I was walking away I spotted the price of water, and informed the man that he had not given me change. With my broken Italian and his minor understanding of English, we were able to reach an agreement.

Hard luck to the Azzuri Fans.

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