Ready for RunQ8?

RunQ8 – one of the few annual runs available for the Runners of Kuwait, will be kicking off their 3rd such event tomorrow.

I for one shall not be participating, as the organizers low-balled me out of participating after changing the date from November 2nd to November 30th. The problem is I was extremely looking forward to this event, because of this:

RunQ8 2012 (92)

This year I had been planning a feat like none before, testament to the fact of being a runnertainer; I’d had a costume specifically made for the occasion (runner friendly), went out and bought certain accessories to make the costume even more believable, and was really hoping to get a chance to show it during this run.


In solidarity with my running buddies in Kuwait however, I will go for a 10K run where I am currently stationed: Hyderabad, India.

And no, I am not hoping the event will be rained out tomorrow (fingers crossed) as was the case last year.

Good luck to everyone participating, remember:

1) to do dynamic stretches, as opposed to static;

2) Have a nice carb-loaded dinner tonight (not too much though! White pasta should suffice);

3) when running, slow down to drink water so as not to choke (you do not need hydration during a 10K run if you hydrate properly the night before).

4) A little competition is a good thing, but be a good sport! In the end, its for charity, not an Olympic gold medal!

5) Smile, be courteous, be wary of your peripherals when runners are attempting to overtake you, try not to run in someones path.


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