Recovering Stolen Laptops in Kuwait

A friend of mine recently had his laptop stolen from his car. Given that it was company property (the laptop, not the car) a police report had to be filed.

The greatest loss is not the tangible value of the laptop, rather the intrinsic immeasurable value of the info it contains

I was under the impression that something could come of this; as another friend of mine had told me how she (key word here) had had her laptop stolen as well, and upon filing a report with the police was asked sometime down the line to come and check a “bust” of stolen laptops they had made. Unfortunately hers was not in the batch, but the fact was something was done.

I digress.

I went with my friend to Khaitan Police Station, as that was where the theft took place (in fact right behind the police station of all places! As they say, the close you are to danger, the farther you are from harm I suppose).

At first I informed the officer at the desk of the theft, he went and called another officer. I told him that it was company property under the pretense it would warrant more effort due to the presence of privileged information and confidential info. The officer merely said, go back to your company and get me a letter with the name of the plaintiff, the serial number of the laptop, how long he has had it etc.

Then a dishdasha clad man next to the officer came up and said, what do you expect us to do? It’s gone, we can’t get it, it’s a laptop. It will be sold.

And that is how you recover stolen latops in Kuwait with the help of the Police.

You don’t.

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